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Being a first-time mum, the decision to leave my little one in childcare was met with some apprehension. Liam was well and truly a “mummy’s boy”. We had never been apart for a day much less 1/2 hour for the first 9 months. He was exclusively breastfed, refused to take a bottle and was always being held by mummy.As hard as it was I had to return to work. During the decision-making process putting Liam in a nursery was a thought that never crossed my mind. After all, he didn’t have a set routine, only fell when held and had never been around a large group of kids. Surely a nursery couldn’t offer the attention he so craves and is used to at home.

I stumbled upon Nanny’s Day Nursery by chance and decided to have a look just to see what a nursery is really like.

How pleased was I!!! The staff were pleasant and welcoming and the kids were so happy. I was impressed with the baby facilities and the ‘curriculum’ they had in pace for them. In the 15 mins I was there I knew straight away this is where Liam should be.

It’s been 2 months, and I couldn’t be more pleased! The staff are like an extended family and they are absolutely brilliant! Liam even has his own nursery mummy (Romayne). I’m amazed at how well he’s settled. He’s so eager that he jumps out the buggy every morning as we get to the front door.
The care that is offered is second to none… in a million.

Cheryl – Parent

Throughout my daughter’s stay at this nursery, I have become more and more delighted with the progress that she has been making. The support that she gets on a day to day basis has clearly paid off, and I could not say how happy and proud I am of this! The education at Little Saints has so far been second to none and this is truly an outstanding establishment.Tsahi – Parent

Little Saints is a delightful nursery with very friendly staff. The baby room is brightly coloured with plenty of toys and activities for babies to take part in. The children have a good meal selection during the course of the day and for warmer days there’s a safe outside space that they can play in and engage with each other. The staff are very attentive and my granddaughter enjoys the time she spends there.Lorraine – Parent

I am so happy I moved my children here from another nursery a few months ago. The nursery provides a great learning and stimulating environment in which my children are happy and developing well. My son learnt to write his name within weeks of being here and my daughter was potty trained too. The staff are friendly and warm but firm which is good and organise social events for the parents. Overall I am really happy.Bianca – Parent

I am extremely happy with the care my son has received at Little Saint’s Nursery. Having experienced other nurseries and my son’s reaction I was delighted at how quick and well he settled there and is flourishing.He’s language and social interaction skills with other children and adults has improved enormously. The staff are caring and friendly. I would recommend this nursery to anybody wanting friendly high quality childcare.

Jennie & Damien – Parents

Little Saints Day Care was recommended to me by another Parent & I am very happy with Jahmal’s Daily care and progressHe started nursery just before his first birthday, I was a little worried initially as he is lactose intolerant and there were concerns with his hearing but staff reassured me and were very helpful in settling him

I love to to read his “daily contact book” especially to know if he ate all his lunch, this is how I keep a track of his day.

I’m glad to come home from work to a happy little boy!!

Sejal – Parents

We placed our first daughter in Little Saints when she was 9 months old and she is now in her final term in pre-school before leaving to go to primary school. When our second daughter was 8 months we were more than happy for her to join her at the nursery.We have been extremely happy with everything, the staff are very professional, friendly and flexible to our needs and both our children love going in the mornings. In fact in the last 4 years I can count on one hand the number of times they have cried when we have left them! Usually they run in knowing they will be greeted by enthusiastic caring faces who they love spending time with.

Little Saints is managed and run with firm but fair hand which results in happy well behaved children who are able to learn and develop ready for when they go to school. Little Saints Nursery comes with our high recommendations.

Sophie & Simon Thomas – Parents

All 3 of my children have attended Little Saints Nursery since the opening. My eldest is now 9 years old. He gained a high advantage over his class mates when starting school. This is a direct result of the teachings he received at Little Saints Nursery.My 2 and 1 year old currently attend and are thriving. The staff at Little Saints are fantastic and I’m very appreciative of them. The learning atmosphere is exceptional and I have recommended them to other parents

Cavarli – Parents

My 3 year old son has been going to Little Saints Nursery since he was 10 months old.
The staff are amazing with the children and offer great emotional and developmental support. My son see’s them as his extended family rather than his teachers.The nursery offers a safe and stimulating environment and the staff work with the parents to ensure our children have the academic skills they require.

When my son wakes up in the mornings and asks ‘Mummy can I go to school today?’ it makes me know that I chose the right nursery for him!

I would highly recommend this nursery to anybody,

Stephanie & Derrick – Parents